A young girl part 1

A girl I use to know

(Part one)

I use to know this young girl, She went to school, She had a best friend, She would go to her Nans after school and eat pasta and chicken all the time, She would sit with her granddad and talk about life, Where it came from and why its here, She would love to see the dogs at her nans house, She went to her nans house friends once and was told not to go into the garden because of the dogs but she wanted to play on the swing and went she out, She ended up getting bit and having to go to the hospital. She would get taught how to punch by her uncle in case she was ever in trouble, She had a birthday at her nan house once with loads of family and with loads of food. She would either walk everywhere or get a bus now and again. She would wide her brother and sister up when she got bored, She met a boy and would go round his house with her brother and sister and play doctor who, She ended up going out with this boy, She would dance around her room when music was on, She would laugh and smile everyday, She would go to church every Sunday with her mum, sister and brother, she would go to Sunday school, After school she would walk to the green shop up the hill and buy a sweet but only if she was good at school. She would always always want to make people and her family smile and laugh no matter what was going on in her life and her head. She would appear to others that she loved life that nothing could get her down. Deep inside she wasn't happy but she had a dream that life would get better, a life where her family wouldn't fight, a life where her family didn't have to worry about money, a life she where she wouldn't get bullied, a life where she had more then just one friend but most of all a life she wanted. She held on to that dream so tight so that she could keep going but that dream started to leave her at the age of 10. She started to lose hope.

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