A young girl part 5

A young girl I use to know

part 5

The young girl is 12, The day her mum ended the marriage the young girl and her family went to stay with there nan in London and there was talk they would be moving back to London for good. Which meant  if they did move back to London for good having to move schools again, the young girl was worried about her mum and siblings because her family/life was falling apart and the young girl thought it was her fault because of what she wished for on her 12 birthday. The young girl siblings were very upset about everything going on, so was the young girls mum so she thought to herself that she needed to be the strong one, So she tried to make them laugh and smile everyday and acted like it didn't bother her. To everyone around her it looked like the brake up didn't effect her which she wanted. The young girl would get comments like 'you don't care' 'your not even upset about this' and all she wanted to scream out was "I do care and it's fucking killing me" but she told herself that she had to be the strong one, she was scared that if she shared her feelings about everything going on and about what he did, to her the hole family would fall apart even more. So the young girl stayed quite in hope that life would get better. She felt like she was going to be safe again she thought that her dad couldn't hurt her or her family again but she was wrong. The young girl's 'dad' rang her mum and told her mum if she didn't bring the young girl and her siblings back for school he was going to ring social services so the young girl and her family ended up coming home back to Suffolk but the worse thing was about to happen, The young girl and her siblings went back home but there mum moved out down the road. The young girls mum moved out to a family friends house because there dad refused to move out. The young girl was now living in the house with a man who wasn't that nice. A man who wasn't safe to be around. She was scared, frightened more then anything she couldn't wait to be able to get out of the house but not even going to school helped because school wasn't okay either she hated school. The young girl asked herself one night "how much longer can i keep doing this". How much longer can this young girl keep smiling, laughing, dancing, singing how much longer can this young girl keep acting fine, At what point does she say enough is enough.   

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