A young girl part 4

The girl I use to know

Part 4

She's is still 12, her birthday wish came true her mum and 'dad' did brake up but her life was about to get more complicated. Her 'dad' went away for awhile, while he was away the young girl and her siblings had to make a decision, to live with there mum or to live with there 'dad', she knew what she what she wanted to do but was scared she would lose her sister and brother. In the end the young girl and her sister stayed with the mum but her brother went to live with there 'dad'. She was worried for him because she knew what he was like and hoped that her younger brother would change his mind. In the end her brother ended up moving in with there 'father'. Her mum and 'dad' were still fighting even though they were not together, Her 'dad' would use her brother as a reason to see her mum even though her mum didn't want to see him which her father knew. In the end they ended up having a big argument about her brother coming over. The outcome, Her brother was no longer aloud to see his mum or sisters. The young girl only got to see her brother at school but she knew something wasn't right, Her brother would say things are fine at home and not to worry but she knew things were not okay and kept an eye on him at school. One day her brother came into school and he was very upset, She asked him what was wrong, he told her and she knew he wasn't safe to go back to there 'dads' and said to him "come home with me on the bus after school" but her brother was scared that there 'dad' would get even madder and said no. So the young girl told him to think about it through out the day and she will come and ask him at the end of the school day. At the end of the day she asked him again, he wanted to come home, to his real home where he would be safe, so she ended up taking him on the bus with the help from a friends sister because they needed more money. (To this day the young girl is very grateful to that person) While on the bus the young girl got a phone call from her mum and was told "not to go home" as her 'dad' knew what was going on and he was angry very angry and was told get off the bus at the bottom of the road and to go to there family friends house and to make sure there dad didn't see them. She felt scared and worried but she knew it was the right thing to do. So finely her brother was back with his mum and his family and he was safe but she knew this was just the beginning of another mess but she told herself that her and her siblings were safe, for now anyway.
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