A young girl part 3

A young girl I use to know

Part 3

The girl I use to know was now 12. It was the day of her 12th birthday she was looking forward to spending it with her friends and her family. She got up early and went in to town with her mum and 2 of her friends to buy the party food but the young girls mum went to get the money out of the bank but it was gone, to this day the young girl doesn't know what the truth behind it is. She felt confused she didn't understand where the money could of gone. The young girl and her friends got picked up by a family friend so her mum could go to the police to report it. The young girl and her friends went to her friends house and her friends mum got told about what had happened. In the end she gave the young girl some money to go and buy some stuff at the shop. She and her friends went to the shop and picked up some little bits for the party. Once they got the bits they went to the young girls house and the young girl was going to tell her mum not to worry because at least she had some bits but then the young girls mum surprised her. Her mum had just got back from town with loads of party food and fizzy drink. A family friend had given her some money so the young girl could still have a good time and to this day the young girl is still and always will be very grateful. She had a good time, smiling, laughing, taking pictures and eating good food but she felt quite upset. It was her birthday and she had only seen her dad once and that was only because he came down for some food. He had been out the night before and wanted to sleep all day so he could go out again that night too. The young girl felt like her dad didn't care about her. She knew her family wasn't a family it was just people who lived with each other she knew her mum and dad were not happy with each other, the young girl was also sick of hearing her mum and dad fight. She knew things could get better if her mum and dad left each other but a child trying to tell an adult what to do with a marriage will never end well she could only do one thing. So when her birthday cake came out and the young girl was asked to make a wish, she wished her mum and dad would spilt up. Not only because she couldn't stand the fighting but because there was something darker going on and she wanted it to stop.
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