6 months since my life changed

6 months today.

182 days ago I was at home, I woke up at 7 to let my puppy out to go to the toilet, went back to bed until 9, Got up and went down the stairs, fed Bruno (my puppy) and Archie my mums dog. Let them play outside in the garden until 10, at 10 I went upstairs to get ready for the day, got dressed, put make up on and did my hair. At 11 I made something to eat and tried to eat it while Bruno tried to take it off my plate while watching pretty little liars on Netflix. Around 12 I took Bruno upstairs so he could have a nap and I could get some peace, I tidied the house and went over to the shop just across the road and bought chocolate. I woke Bruno up at 13:00 so be could pee and then he could have lunch, let Bruno and Archie out again to play in the garden we came back in because of the bees and wasps. I chilled out while watching Netflix and also watching Bruno and Archie play fight. Few hours later I took Bruno out for a walk, near the end of the walk we sat in the park and we both watched the world go by like we do on every walk. We both got home and I took him upstairs so he could have a nap and I could tidy the house again, Having a dog and a puppy the house can get messy. Made a cup of tea and had some chocolate. Bruno woke up from his nap I could hear him crying bought him down and he played in the garden again. Mum got back from work, i had a chat with mum. Had dinner, Bruno had his dinner, Bruno played more with Archie. Around 8 me and Bruno went upstairs he sat on my bed while I had music on and he played with his toys, at 9 I put Bruno to bed for the night we hugged and I gave him a kiss and said goodnight. Not knowing this would be the last proper day at home with him.

212 days ago, The police knocked on my door and I knew why he was there, So I didn't open the door. I got dressed, grab my phone and said goodbye to Bruno. The hole time I was getting dressed the door was knocking but Bruno and Archie wasn't barking almost like they knew something wasn't right. I snuck out the back door and went out the back gate. I waited and waited for him to leave but I needed to go back into the house for money so I went through the back gate thinking he was still out the front. I went to open the back door and before I could even open it there he was standing there he said "you must be Rachel" I panicked and ran. Once he got hold of me he put me on a 136 section and took me to the hospital. At no point did I think I wouldn't be going home that night. Everything changed from that point nothing has or will be the same again.
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