10 things to achieve by next year

10 things
To be dischargedApply for collage Get a jobLearn to driveTake Bruno (my puppy) to the beach for the first time Save up with part of the money i get from working (for the holiday and driving)Go on holiday with Faith (brownies)Get better at cooking Go and thank everyone who has helped me

But most of all go clubbing for the first time!

Dear Larkwood and Longview

Larkwood and longview staff

Hello there,
I don't know who will read this but I hope that it goes round, You have pretty much changed my life for the better, You kept hold of my hope when I couldn't, you then passed the hope on to these guys at Ragland House and because of it I have taken some of that hope you were holding for me and it's a bloody great feeling, a feeling I thought I'd never have again. I have hope now and I'm making sure I'm not losing it again. Since being at Ragland House i have started to notice how much you guys have helped me and i can now see how far I have come. I couldn't be more thankful to you guys for everything, even the bad moments because i learnt more from those moments more then any of them. When i'm discharged i'll be sure to pop in and see everyone but for now thank you for it all, i thought it would be rude to not do you one so here you go! Be sure to keep an eye out for a letter from me in July but for now keep do…

Please read if your struggling

Your doing well. Keep going you are worth it. I know it's hard but think about one positive each day. Don't go to sleep thinking about something making you unhappy. It's okay to struggle I'm not saying you can't but it's how you deal with it that makes all the difference.  You've got this. And you will get through this you've just gotta take each minute as it comes.
It's okay to ask for help.
There are good people out there even if your brain tells you other wise.
If you would like help contact helplines such as childline or go to your GP it's scary i know but so worth it in the end.

A little thank you

A little thank you.
Hello lady's, i thought i would do this little blog for you guys because oh my god i wouldn't be here with out you guys because of you all i have more of a positive mind and i also don't think i thank you enough i'm so grateful and everyday when i look around my room and i see all the cards and gifts you've got me since knowing you i just smile and feel so loved. When i'm out for good i look forward to buying you little gifts and going out for meals. So thank you thank you for always being there, I'm so glad i have met you all.
Tina, You made me feel so welcome when i first joined the swan, you also made me laugh a lot, i knew you cared about me and i loved working with you and i can honestly say i miss you. Since everything got a 'little' crazy you are checking up on me and always making me laugh. You are always buying me chocolate and little gifts and i'm so so grateful, You also made my 18th birthday cake which by the way w…

6 months since my life changed

6 months today.182 days ago I was at home, I woke up at 7 to let my puppy out to go to the toilet, went back to bed until 9, Got up and went down the stairs, fed Bruno (my puppy) and Archie my mums dog. Let them play outside in the garden until 10, at 10 I went upstairs to get ready for the day, got dressed, put make up on and did my hair. At 11 I made something to eat and tried to eat it while Bruno tried to take it off my plate while watching pretty little liars on Netflix. Around 12 I took Bruno upstairs so he could have a nap and I could get some peace, I tidied the house and went over to the shop just across the road and bought chocolate. I woke Bruno up at 13:00 so be could pee and then he could have lunch, let Bruno and Archie out again to play in the garden we came back in because of the bees and wasps. I chilled out while watching Netflix and also watching Bruno and Archie play fight. Few hours later I took Bruno out for a walk, near the end of the walk we sat in the park an…

A young girl part 5

A young girl I use to knowpart 5
The young girl is 12, The day her mum ended the marriage the young girl and her family went to stay with there nan in London and there was talk they would be moving back to London for good. Which meant  if they did move back to London for good having to move schools again, the young girl was worried about her mum and siblings because her family/life was falling apart and the young girl thought it was her fault because of what she wished for on her 12 birthday. The young girl siblings were very upset about everything going on, so was the young girls mum so she thought to herself that she needed to be the strong one, So she tried to make them laugh and smile everyday and acted like it didn't bother her. To everyone around her it looked like the brake up didn't effect her which she wanted. The young girl would get comments like 'you don't care' 'your not even upset about this' and all she wanted to scream out was"I do care …

A young girl part 4

The girl I use to know Part 4
She's is still 12, her birthday wish came true her mum and 'dad' did brake up but her life was about to get more complicated. Her 'dad' went away for awhile, while he was away the young girl and her siblings had to make a decision, to live with there mum or to live with there 'dad', she knew what she what she wanted to do but was scared she would lose her sister and brother. In the end the young girl and her sister stayed with the mum but her brother went to live with there 'dad'. She was worried for him because she knew what he was like and hoped that her younger brother would change his mind. In the end her brother ended up moving in with there 'father'. Her mum and 'dad' were still fighting even though they were not together, Her 'dad' would use her brother as a reason to see her mum even though her mum didn't want to see him which her father knew. In the end they ended up having a big arg…